Friday, June 20, 2008

I'm confused.

When discussing high gasoline prices, you can expect any number of things to blame from liberals:

1. We drive too many SUVs, driving up demand.

2. The Big 3 make too many big cars, driving up demand (but asian makers somehow escape scrutiny).

3. Oil companies withhold supply from the markets, reducing supply.

4. Oil companies schedule refinery maintanence, reducing supply.

5. Oil companies collude to reduce supply.

And yet somehow, they see absolutely no significance in the fact that our own government has colluded to reduce supply by preventing drilling and building new refineries by ill-advised prohibitions and excessive regulations. Do they think that the laws of supply and demand can be circumvented by bureaucratic edict?

Apparently so.

I'm off to my bike...gonna try to avoid looking like an Aussie. :^)

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