Monday, December 18, 2006

Why not you?

One of the unifying themes in troubles we face today is, IMO, our failure to realize that all too often, the buck stops with us. We want government to solve our problems--forgetting that we can do it a lot cheaper. We hire pastors to reach the lost--forgetting that Jesus told everyone to do it. As employees, we all too often clamor for "more benefits"--forgetting that hiring more staff to implement them pulls resources away from profitability and our own wages.

In other words, we've more or less lost our concept of federalism, to our great loss. If you want liberty for Christmas, consider taking back some of the roles that have been lost in the past few decades. Educate your children (or help others educate theirs). Turn on the porch light at night to discourage crime, or get your carry permit. Start your own retirement fund, or your own business. Join your church's visitation time. Watch your diet and get some exercise. Clean up messes in the neighborhood and get to know your neighbors.

After all, if you won't take care of yourself, why would you think that your church, government, and company will?


Anonymous said...

Your assuming people should take personal responsibility for themselves and thier actions. But what you don't realize is we're all victims. I'm a victim of poverty, or of obesity or of ________ {fill in the blank}. I'm a victim that needs a Savior. As long as I have that savior(in the State, or elsewhere) why get off my lazy @#$ and do anything?

I know, I'm going to charge you with a hate crime. Becuase you must really hate me to suggest such a harsh thing to me; suggesting I actually take responsiblity for myself. See you in twenty years!

Bike Bubba said...

Cool! Given that you don't know 100% that I am who I say I am, then I can expect you to say that I've forfeited the protections that Matthew 18 and 1 Corinthians 6 would otherwise grant a brother in Christ. I'll be looking for the legal papers in the mail!


I sure hope that being a smart aleck isn't sinful...

Evelyn Glover said...

That's a good admonishment.
We homeschooled our children, and
it truly was neat to reclaim a role that we all typically abdicate.
Good thoughts.

Anonymous said... too! :-P

p.s. sadly enough, my little skit is too often too close to the real mentality.