Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Anti porneia

I've seen a few posts recently, most notably from Shawn, about how we ought to deal with a son who is found looking at pornography or other materials of a "dubious moral nature." But hey--Gallup polls tell us that there are an awful lot of adults indulging in this, so maybe we ought to ask this:

"How does a man confront himself and help himself to refrain from using porn?"

Ouch. OK, let's start with a simple axiom: every woman (or girl, sigh, that happens) in every picture is created in the image of God, is someone's daughter, and could (should?) be someone's wife. It's almost trite, but let's face facts; if we saw our Lord, the woman's father, or the woman's husband in the room, we'd have our attention somewhere else besides the picture.

Let's go on: few women willingly shed their clothes for strangers. Rather, it takes drugs, debt, or degradation (like rape) to get her to that point.

No kidding. Something like 95% of prostitutes are on drugs, and even mainstream modeling is riddled with drugs, anorexia, forced sex, and more. So when one ogles a pornographic picture (movie, whatever), one is more or less taking part in the systematic degradation of a woman created in the image of God.

So when tempted to view that "Victoria's Secret" catalog--or whatever else there might be out there--ask yourself whether you'd willingly rape that woman, or inject her with heroin, or brutalize her until she lost weight to suit your taste. Ask yourself if you'd do that in front of God, her father, or her husband.

It sounds harsh, but don't forget; in a manner of speaking, that's EXACTLY what is going on. And dads, here are a few thoughts from Doug Giles about how to inoculate your daughters against this sort of thing.

I quibble with his order, though; IMO, it's far more important to know Him and recognize a situation than to be able to shoot or fight one's way out of one.


hammerswing75 said...

Straight up good stuff. Porn is diseased. There is no place for it in our lives.

Marklark said...

From another father of daughters: Thanks!

Mercy Now said...

Very good thoughts and a great link to Doug Giles. Yes, porn is a disease and it slowly creeps in and keeps one in bondage.

Good points made by Giles cuz I see many young girls @ church that are conformed and caved into the world by the way they dress and their eating habits.