Thursday, December 14, 2006

Tired of paying for illegal immigration?

The precise numbers are disputed, but few thinking people would deny that illegal (or "undocumented") immigration has costs that are paid by citizens. Put gently, they tend to work in low wage jobs, pay little in taxes, and yet receive publicly funded education, welfare, medical care, and so on. My best guess is that the overall cost is hundreds of billions of dollars.

What to do? Well, look at your credit report. No kidding. Those who are not legally here are likely to use your credit to get a job, a home, and consumer credit. If something appears on it, tell the credit issuer and the INS.

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Mercy Now said...

This is why Dems are really "compassionate" for sending or even catching illegals are not compassionate. Then they want to provide all these public services to ills but w/ YOUR money! Sounds like communism to me.