Monday, September 18, 2006

The sin of alogicality

One of the major tragedies of modern "fundagelicalism" is what the head of my church's seminary calls "alogicality"; the refusal to apply the principles of logic to the study of theology. On the surface, it almost sounds reasonable; doesn't Paul, after all, exhort us to reject the wisdom of this world? Should we not then reject even the tools of the pagan philosopher?

Of course, the answer is "no." "Logic" itself is derived from the Greek "Logos," or "Word". If we are to be people of the Word, do we not need to use logic?

In other words, the tragedy of "alogicality" is to confuse the process of logic with the false starting points used by the pagans. Or as we way today, "garbage in, garbage out."


Anonymous said...

Welcome back. I believe your seminary is correct. Propositional, logical reasoning in the Christian faith is under attack. Let us not forget, God is a God of order. Good post.

Mercy Now said...

Unfortunately, this is true among Christians. For example, I was debating on another Christian blog which mainly comprised of Christian readers. I made my arguments and backed them up w/ Scriptures. A reply was made and I countered. Then a third person posted a personal attack on me and nothing on the topic at hand. It was then that I knew I have won but I was saddened b/c of the example you pointed out.