Thursday, February 16, 2006

Speaking of assets and inflation...

word has it that M3, said to be the best indication of the money supply, has been increasing far faster than the value of goods and services produced and consumed in this country. This is historically a harbinger of coming inflation, so there is one asset you might want to have around in case it turns out to be true. It doesn't need to be a big item in your portfolio, but if bad turns to worse, it's nice to have some real money in your hands.

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Anonymous said...

Good point. I'm carrying silver rather than gold (can't really afford that much gold) and so far (last 5 years or so) my investment has more than doubled. But so has the price of silver.

Having possession of it is very important in case, like you said, bad turns to worse. It is my feeling that the dollar will continue to weaken against other foreign currencies, making those countries which are currently heavy in the dollar, sell them off increasing the over all inflationary tone we are already suffering.

When that occurs, we'll experience what is called a "flight to quality" raising even more the price of precious metals.