Thursday, February 02, 2006

On debt and the Word

I'd like to issue a challenge based on Romans 13:8. Look at your finances, and consider what else you could do with the interest you're paying on your debts. Look at your assets. Do you really need all those things you have?

Consider what that debt really costs you. Is it keeping your wife at work, instead of with your children? Is it keeping you in a miserable job, or away from what you dream of doing?

Is all that stuff in your house (and/or storage unit, barn, etc.) necessary, or are your heirs going to sell it by the wagonload when you die--and hardly bother to come to your funeral?

If you're in debt, I challenge you; look around and see what you can do without. Sell some of it, pay off some of that debt, and grab a sweet taste of freedom.

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Anonymous said...

Great point. We came to the conviction years ago that whatever additional income my wife might provide, didn't commpare to the worth of having her (and myself as much a possible) at home raising our children.

I feel usury is unbiblical and we shouldn't charge our fellow citizens interest. And that Christians should live not owing anyone anything, other than the debt of love.