Friday, June 15, 2018

To Russia with love?

The Department of Defense is saying that a new artillery program with a maximum range of 70km is intended for possible conflict with Russia, but it strikes me that such  a weapon would be really neat to have deployed in South Korea.  More or less, with adequate spy satellites and shot detection, the average lifespan of a North Korean artillery piece could be measured in minutes.  The number of rounds that the North Korean artillery piece might fire might be just one--or zero.

Which is just fine by me.  I would also suspect that this might be just fine with South Koreans.


Gino said...

i've read somewhere, cant remember where, that the Trump administartion was preparing for war with the Norks, in a first strike capacity kinda way... keeping on the down low, but not so low as to not let Xi know about it.

wouldnt surprise me if this new thing was created just for that.

Bike Bubba said...

You know, I wonder how much of our militaries are made up of weapons meant to neutralize the other side's offensive weapons, and whether we're going to see the "big guns" on both sides get neutralized quickly in the case of real war against a credible opponent....

....whereupon the infantry will say "OK, what do we do now? Play soccer like in Christmas 1914?"

One thing I don't see is the Chinese failing to figure that out if in case it appears likely. They're commies, yes, but far more reality based than the Norks appear to be.

Jim Peet said...

my son, now a lieutenant in the MN Nat guard, was just transferred to mortar. He's scheduled for a 5 week class