Thursday, May 10, 2018

Big problems in Oakland

A former prosecutor notes that a case where a security guard for a taco truck was killed makes the case for banning assault weapons, as if the shotgun the security guard first saw his killer carrying wouldn't have killed him just as dead as the "assault rifle" actually used.  Worth noting as well is that if the Oakland PD had done its job, the killer would not have even been on the streets at the time of the security guard's death, as he'd have been in jail for felony possession of a sawed off shotgun.

Never mind the fact that in civilized places, taco trucks do not need to hire security guards.  I've told the joke--a lot--about the guy who's afraid of moving to California being reassured that if he finds a good community with good schools and neighbors, it's the same as any other--and then when he asks his benefactor what he does for a living, the benefactor answers "I'm a tailgunner on a bread truck."

Evidently in Oakland, it's not a joke. 

Update: many thanks to Hearthie for pointing out my title incorrectly pointed at LA instead of Oakland.  Oops!  The question now arises whether you need a tailgunner on a taco truck in LA, too.


Hearth said...

Oakland is actually more San Fran than LA. And it's been "interesting" for a long while. Hey, guess where Jerry Brown hung out as mayor for a while in between stints as gov?

But hey, the rest of your point is totally valid.

Hearth said...

Well. In Compton maybe?

This popped up in the news today, is tangentially related, and will make you face-palm so, sharing.

Bike Bubba said...

I was thinking Palos Verdes or Manhattan Beach, myself.

Regarding the article, I was there (Torrance, west of the 405) when the Raiders decided to go back to Oakland, and joked with friends at church that they'd just have to get a bulletproof vest and go to the high school games to watch football. I was shocked that they all just agreed with me and didn't even give me any dirty looks.

Hearth said...

You grew up here too. :)

Raise your hand if your school had a drive-by while you attended....

Raise your hand if you understand why 100,000+/year are leaving CA?

Bike Bubba said...

Actually, I grew up in Indiana, but I learned a lot about LA in the two summers I spent in Torrance, Redondo Beach, and El Segundo. I must admit, though, that growing up near Gary and going to college with young people from Detroit helped me understand what goes on in South Central. (as all Angelinos and Angelinas either agree or cringe....or both)