Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Not how the game is played

Sovereign Grace Ministries shows that they really don't have a clue how the game of addressing sexual abuse is played by releasing a document which contains no evidence, no links to policies of interest, and most importantly, no explanation or refutation of the sworn court testimony which establishes very clearly that SGM pastors did indeed work together to keep sexual abuse accusations from becoming public.

I am hoping that the author of this article comes forward with the 17 page policy that, according to the article, provides a clear framework for SGM to have pushed accusations under the rug.  Very serious allegations, such as those made in the Nathaniel Morales case, deserve a very serious response, and SGM leadership is simply not stepping up to the plate here.  This is dangerous business for them, because their response here is admissible evidence the next time they're dealing with the aftermath of a sexual abuser.  And with 855,000 people on Megan's List, and probably an equal number who ought to be there, the sad reality is that it's not a question of if.  It's a question of when.

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