Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Pure brilliance

First, BMW has proposed, apparently, clear plastic tubes for bike riding.  Because no cyclist ever has a "jacket" he can put on if it's cold or wet, and certainly no cyclist ever likes to feel the breeze in his hair, and by no means would cyclists put in clear plastic tubes fear that someone would use that contained environment to stage something like a sarin gas attack.  No way, no how, right?

Hey, I want to avoid riding my bike on the streets of Shanghai as much as anyone, and because of that, I don't go to Shanghai.   Problem solved without paying to keep a thinly insulated tube climate controlled and safe from cultish terrorists.

And on the truly light side, somebody at Fox goobered this article asking why airlines make you put up your seats and windows for takeoff and landing.  After all, who doesn't want to depressurize the plane and suffer 500mph breezes in flight?  Obviously the flight attendants need to tell us all to put the windows up, never mind that there really is no way of opening them. (the article actually refers to the window blinds....)

And an update; the Washington Post "Fiction Check" gave Vice President Mike Pence three "Pinocchios" for something that was objectively true.  Oddly, their objections--on the grounds that labor force participation ought also be taken into account--never seem to have been made when Obama was President, and when labor force participation was even lower.  Gosh, why is that?

This humble blog awards the Post and its "fiction checkers" ten manure spreaders filled with Washington Post fake news for its combination of lying, hypocrisy, and blatant political bias. My apologies that I couldn't find a picture of a spreader fashionably adorned with the Post's logo. 

And in other media news, the shocking revelation that media types knew about John Conyers' sexual harassment for years, but mysteriously could not find any way of acting on that information, say by printing it in the newspaper or putting it on the evening news.  They also earn the "spreader of shame" for their classy work.  After all, democracy dies in an avalanche of media bovine scat.

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