Tuesday, November 07, 2017

History of Hollyweird...

....is summarized by this article about something Maureen O'Hara said in 1945; that she understood that her refusal to lie down on the casting couch and be sexually harassed and abused had cost her parts.  And as my family realized there she is again as we enjoyed yet another of her movies, we can have only disdain for those who treated her this way.  After all, she'd been a significant part of the Oscar-winning film How Green Was My Valley; it wasn't like she was jockeying for parts as an extra or the guy in the red shirt in Star Trek landing parties.  How much more cinematic greatness would the world have had if only the producers could have kept their attentions to their wives?  For that matter, how much more income would the producers have had?

Moreover, given that when O'Hara started her career, the Hays Code had only existed for about eight years, it's hard to believe that she was running into something new in the late 1930s and early 1940s.  So when you're looking at something that....stretches the envelope in terms of filmmaking, what you're looking at, in a manner of speaking, is the results of a century of grooming.   

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