Monday, July 24, 2017

Great moments in thinking

First, Texas Congressman Al Green has decided to file a bill to prevent President Trump from pardoning himself.   Since the pardon power exists in the Constitution and cannot be modified by any law passed by Congress, exactly what the Hon. Mr. Green is thinking could be very interesting.  Or depressing. 

Next apparently many fans of swimming great Michael Phelps are quite disappointed that his "race with a shark" was not real, but was done with computer animation.  So we would assume that many of his so-called "fans" are not only clueless that the better measure of Phelps' speed would be his world records (most of which were set at least 8 years ago), but are also not terribly aware of the habit great whites have of making humans into "Purina Shark Chow."

I will, of course, be using CGI to demonstrate that I'm the equal of not only a single great white, but a whole pod of killer whales.  And Joe Louis, and Mike Tyson.  Pay per view will be $50, and all viewers will be given a chance to buy this gorgeous 1870 bridge.

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