Tuesday, July 05, 2016

What about "lying to investigators"?

In ignoring the clear meaning of 18 USC 1924, but repeatedly stating that Mrs. Clinton lied on more or less every significant point in the investigation, one must wonder why James Comey didn't bring "lying to investigators" charges on Mrs. Clinton.

Of course, the reason is the same reason that Comey's boss didn't allow a real investigation of IRS abuses.  It's been all to convenient for President Obama, really, and if he allowed prosecution of people whose "mistakes" benefited him, they would of course suddenly develop a great memory for who had told them to make those mistakes.

Update: the Babylon Bee is apparently abandoning satire here on this topic, as Mrs. Clinton lied to a judge about providing all work-related emails (that's perjury) and obstructed justice by deleting files on her server and burning her meeting schedules.  She's in good company with her husband in that regard, sad to say.  Comey needs to be disbarred for this one, as it's clear abdication of responsibility going well beyond mere prosecutorial discretion.

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