Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Carolyn Mosby misses the point

....about how prosecutors were forced to abandon trials of officers involved in the death of Freddie Gray.  She argues that the problem was "reluctance" and "an obvious bias" on the part of officers investigating, but the fact remains that four consecutive acquittals were issued in a world where prosecutors win about 90% of the cases they bring to court.

In other words, Mosby and her team took cases to court when they knew they didn't have the evidence to convict, and the officers involved are exactly right to sue her for filing false charges.   If indeed she knew (as she appears to have known) that the case was weak, but brought charges anyways, she should suffer the same fate as Mike Nifong.  Like Nifong, she withheld evidence as well from the defense.

What needs to happen?  Well, we can start with making it very clear that criminals need to be belted when transported, and then continue by putting cameras and accelerometers in the vehicles to measure how rough the ride really is.   Moreover, as defense attorney Ivan Bates noted, if the police investigation is suspected of downplaying the reality, the state attorney's office did indeed have the right to investigate as well-but did not.

And, if Carolyn Mosby indeed has played the Nifong, she needs to suffer the Nifong, too.  Putting six men and their families through Hell for her political ambitions deserves punishment.

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