Thursday, March 17, 2016

Scary bad.... the hemming and hawing the Flint Water Department, the Michigan environmental policy group, and the EPA are doing over who is most guilty for the ongoing fiasco with the water system in Flint.  I'm no water engineer or chemist by trade, but I do know that those in the trade have developed tables for estimating lead solubility in various acid concentrations, and I know from personal experience that labs will test water for various contaminants for about $50 or so.  In my mind, the line of questioning should start with the Flint Water Department, and they should simply be required to produce the legally mandated, certified results of water quality and the history of interactions regarding it.

Then do the same for the state, and then for the EPA, and anyone who can't produce this--and explain what actions were taken, if any--gets fired and/or imprisoned.  This is really not terribly complicated, except for the fact that DC is a city where a gal can flood a river with millions of gallons of mine waste and still keep her job at the EPA.


Hearth said...

I don't get why this isn't a bipartisan issue. Silly me, I think that "poisonous water" should be a very high priority for everyone. Also "failing infrastructure" - possibly we should do something about that? Hm.

Bike Bubba said...

Because for a politician, blaming people is more important than solving a problem, I guess, which is why we hire politicians to solve problems. ???