Friday, March 11, 2016

On romance and politics

Megan Gladwell comments on some indispensable qualities for a mate--good with children and the elderly, not afraid to get his hands dirty, not in love with himself, and honest--and it strikes me that these aren't just good qualities for a mate, but rather good qualities in all of life.  More or less, she's got a short list of things which, in her opinion (and mine), seem to correlate reasonably well with whether or not a man is narcissistic. 

It also strikes me that with Clinton, Obama, and Trump Combover, we have three people who really aren't good with children or the elderly, are afraid to get their hands dirty, are in love with themselves, and are not honest.   Those of us who care about our country need to come to grips with the fact that in many regards, we are starting to prefer narcissists in positions of power. 

It's scary in family life, and it's just as scary in the body politic. 

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