Tuesday, February 02, 2016

well, it's come to this

Not surprisingly, the planned opening of combat roles to women has, according to an article linked by SharperIron, led top officers to testify that women also will need to register for the draft. Ignoring nature--the doubling of injury rates among women embedded among combat troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, the difficulties when you put young & fit people in a place where they're lonely, bored, and scared, and the like--and you get the logical conclusion; young ladies as cannon fodder.

On the serious note, churches need to put a "women out not serve in combat" into their church constitutions--the Prophets do, after all, mock the nations about to be judged by pointing out that "your soldiers are women".    It's certainly not Biblical.

But that said, given the nonexistent respect given to people of faith who don't want to pay for loose people's contraception or bake wedding cakes for homosexuals, men of faith are probably going to need to come up with another strategy, and thankfully Arlo Guthrie is here to help us.  Remember, if you want to keep your daughters out of war, you've got to sing loud.

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