Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Some more questions about the Hilliary email scandal

Really, all of them have to do with a very simple question; who forwarded the emails from secure locations to Hilliary's server, and who did not?  Let's start with those who had basic ethics and did not forward these emails to Hilliary.

1.  Who refused to do this? 

2.  What happened to them?  Were they punished in any way or "leaned on" to start doing this?

3.  How many times did Hilliary not get critical information because these workers honored their oaths and did not place confidential information on unsecure servers?

4.  How many people suffered or died because the Secretary of State could not get critical information in time?

Now, let's also looked at those who violated their oaths of confidentiality and forwarded 1300 emails with sensitive and confidential information onto private servers.

1.  Who were they? 

2.  Do they still have clearances, and are they still working for the government?

3.  How were they persuaded to violate their oaths and do this?

4.  Who else received their emails who didn't have a right to see them?  Are they still sending sensitive emails on private email?

5.  What other systems besides private email were used to do this?  Is this still going on?  Who were the recipients?

6.  What indications do we have that foreign governments have this information? 

7.  How many people have suffered and died, and are continuing to suffer and die, because confidentiality has been thrown to the wind?

Speaking as a quality engineer, I can assure you that Hilliary did not get this information on her private server without a system in place to (a) get the emails to her and (b) hide the fact that this was happening.  So it's not just Hilliary Clinton that ought to be a resident at 1000 University Dr. SW, Waseca MN 56093, or comparable government facilities.  There are any number of people who should have seen this and sounded the alarm, starting with the senders and recipients of those 1300 emails with confidential and classified information.

Which would include, I presume, the chief resident of another governmental facility: 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC 20500. 

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