Thursday, January 14, 2016

Questions regarding the Iranian incident

Powerline gives a good summary of the humiliation and apology administered at the hands of Iran for our sailors; really, if we had real leadership, we'd be pointing out the numerous violations of international law by the Iranians in this. 

One thing that also strikes me is that a sailor--presumably taught by his drill instructors that the only information he owed his captors was name, rank, and serial number (and starting offensive line of the Green Bay Packers if under duress of course)--goes forward with this apology.  Now this would imply that either he was NOT taught that he wasn't required to do this sort of thing, or he was "induced" to do so by how he, or another member of the squads, was treated.

Which is, of course, another war crime, as well as a very real question of how our soldiers and sailors are being trained today.  Perhaps he did that because of how the sailor in the chador might be treated if he did not?  Maybe we ought to consider this when determining who is eligible for deployment where combat might be involved. 

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