Monday, January 25, 2016

Another massive subsidy for Planned Parenthood

One of the things I've noticed in the aftermath of the wonderful exposes of Planned Infanticide's atrocity in selling fetal body parts was that Planned Parenthood did their best to change the conversation to how many non-abortion related things they do.  Now, as I've noted here, it really doesn't matter where the funds officially go because money is fungible.  Theoretically, you could pay them for accounting or janitorial services or even electronics assembly, and the end result would still be that you're providing the funds abortionists need to work for Planned Parenthood instead of finding respectable work in the non-abortion side of obstetrics and gynecology.

But that said, it strikes me that the contraceptive mandate is probably a huge subsidy for Planned Parenthood.  Think about it a minute; the argument is, more or less, that there is a large pool out there of women whose boyfriends can't come up with $10/month to help them pay for their contraception.   Going out on a limb here, my guess is that women who sleep with such losers men might be disproportionately likely to give out their affections rather cheaply, and might be pretty likely to be or become a Planned Parenthood customer.

One may quibble what portion of funds they'd get anyways through Medicaid and such, but overall, it seems that this is yet another multi-million dollar subsidy for them.  It's yet another reason to revoke Obama's un-Constitutional executive order and stop suing nuns to force them to buy contraception for promiscuous women. 

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