Friday, October 30, 2015

More on the Hilliary email scandals

Probably the best part of Hilliary Clinton's recent testimony before Congress was where it was revealed that even as the Benghazi tragedy/atrocity was occurring, she was sending emails to her family stating that she knew it was not a response to a video, but rather a preplanned attack by elements of Al Qaida.

Now think about this one for a minute; news reports had not come out with any reliable data.  The only way Hilliary could have stated this was would be to reference CIA and other intelligence sources on the ground there--and this would be "born classified" information, and she would know it.

Bill and Chelsea, not working for the government, presumably do not have security clearances.  So Hilliary is, by her own testimony, guilty not just of mishandling classified information, but also guilty of sharing it with people not entitled to receive it.

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