Thursday, July 16, 2015

Looks like.....

.....the President is looking into places to live after January 2017.  Maybe with a bit of luck, he'll be right next door to his buddy Rod Blagojevich.

Seriously, some good and some bad in what Mr. Obama is doing here.  Reducing sentences for low level drug offenses sounds like a good idea--a reefer shouldn't be 20 years.  So if we're sure that people are truly in for "just" a reefer--and not that homicide charges were plea bargained down to drug charges--then I'm OK with that.

For reference, data from the Bureau of Justice Statistics indicate that less then 0.7% of all convictees are in jail for marijuana alone.  (h/t Ann Coulter)

On the flip side, Obama is urging that the practice of asking job applicants about criminal history be banned--ironically just as state governments around the nation are imposing more and more requirements for criminal background checks for more and more professions, and entire industries (education, finance) prohibit the employment of individuals with certain kinds of criminal records, not to mention "Megan's Law".  It is as if "Dear Leader" is entirely ignorant of why people might not want to work next to a (former?) drug dealer, rapist, or murderer.

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