Thursday, July 30, 2015

And Ernie Pyle is spinning in his grave..... the picture below.  Why so?  Well, the article from whence I got this picture notes that the M.S. Oliva sank due to "capsizing", and completely ignores the rocks the ship presumably hit, leading to her demise.  Seems that, as Mr. D. noted today, we no longer have a press that asks the difficult questions and "speaks truth to power".  We have court stenographers who report the story just as it was told to them.

Bonus: click carefully on the picture and notice that the ship has a warning about smoking in letters that must be at least five feet tall. Seems that less important safety considerations were being followed than those that mattered. Here are other pictures, and here is a map of the areaWiki indicates that the ship was trying to clear Nightingale Island by a minimum amount--very strange since there aren't that many islands in the South Atlantic.  There were hundreds of miles of island-free ocean on either side.
At least the crew wasn't smoking.  Maybe.  

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