Monday, June 15, 2015

Job one for the new pastor?

I was talking with the son of a pastor last night, and he mentioned that one of the biggest things that can kill a small church is when two or more families in the church really don't like each other, and quietly sabotage each other's service in the church.  It strikes me that one of the key things for a new pastor to do, then, is to figure out who they are, and bring them to peace with one another.

Come to think of it, it strikes me that this also happens in bigger churches.  It's like the pastor is supposed to...shepherd the flock, or something like that.


Gino said...

Or throw one of them out.I've had friends who were told to leave their church after yrs of service due to a disagreement with the wrong person.

Bike Bubba said...

In the worst cases, yes, but I tend to believe that we ought to, per Matthew 18, encourage repentance first. No?