Thursday, June 11, 2015

A tiny house that's a little bit better

A firm from Slovakia has come up with an "eco-pod", powered by wind and solar, looking roughly like an egg with aluminium skin.  Weighing in at less than two tons, it's about 14.7 feet long and 7.9 feet wide, and fits two people. 

With all due respect, it looks like they took the axle and tongue off this and added solar panels and batteries.

Well, good job, Nice Architects.  You've caught up to what Airstream was shipping 54 years ago..  Except the Bambi weighs half a ton less, can be pulled behind a standard automobile, and can sleep three and not just two.    And it's a little more difficult for rowdy kids to roll it down the mountainside with you inside, and you'll have heat on cold winter mornings.

Money quote from the article about the Nice Architects is how it can charge your electric car while it tows the eco-pod.   Well, yes, if they put the Tesla on a frame from a half ton pickup or something.   Not quite sure, but I reckon that might have some adverse effects on range, ecological impact, and the like.

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