Friday, March 28, 2014

Where everybody knows your name

Back when we lived in a small town, but with its own emergency room, we were a little bit chagrined when our fourth daughter got on a first name basis with all of the doctors in town--but then remembered that there were only four of them, so it wasn't that bad.  Fast forward to this week, when our son was greeted at St. Mary's in Rochester by a nurse saying "weren't you just here last week?".    Since St. Mary's (the hospital used by the Mayo brothers and the Clinic today) is THE "go-to" emergency room for most of southern Minnesota, northeast Iowa, and western Wisconsin, it takes serendipity or some seriously bad luck to be recognized there.

Thankfully it was serendipity, and he's going to be OK, and he's going to get a whittling lesson from Dad before he tries again.  And the arrows he was whittling look great.

The little guy hard at work watching Cars while waiting for 5 stitches!

And it pays to patronize small business around here, too.  On one day, the gracious proprietress of "Ginny's Fine Fabrics" gave us some patterns for Civil War era dresses, and we got an invitation to the Wasioja Civil War Days ball from friends.  Just might have some sewing to do, and somehow I'm reminded of Famous Dave's.


Gino said...

cute boy you got there. how old is he now?

glad he's going to be ok. i'll never forget the day my boy tried to jump from the top of the pool slide directly into the pool, making it about half way. lots of blood, torn open knee, two damaged teeth, bad arm sprain, stitches in his lip and chin.... bad day in the ER.

Bike Bubba said...

Seven. Sound like your guy got mine far.

Elspeth said...

He is too cute, Bike!

Anonymous said...

Poor little guy! He's so cute; so sorry to hear about his mishap.

So you're all bitten by the re-enactment bug too? It really is a great experience - I'm encouraging my girls to keep up with it.


W.B. Picklesworth said...

Glad that he survived the experience and is the wiser for it.

Bike Bubba said...

Elspeth--thanks, and you've got one about the same age, no?

Maeve--I don't know if I've been 'bit' yet, but I just learned that we do indeed to reenactments up here beyond the "Rendezvous" events I've seen. We'll see where it goes.

WB--we'll see if he gets smarter about these things. :^)

Elspeth said...

Yes, Bike. I do have a 7-year-old girl. A 5-year-old as well.