Saturday, February 04, 2012

Thoughts on the Komen brouhaha

Apparently, officials at the Susan Komen Foundation for eradicating breast cancer have gotten into trouble because of an interesting policy shift; they decided that if a group was under investigation for crimes, they would be disqualified from grants from Komen.  Since this affected Planned Infanticide Parenthood and no one else, the pro-abortion movement understandably became very unhappy, and the policy was modified to affect only groups under investigation for non-political reasons.

We would assume, therefore, that if a group provides abortions, then any criminal investigation for child molestation and child prostitution is solely political, even if such an investigation for any other group in the country that did not provide abortions would be a legal and moral necessity. 

So what do we have here?   Before this, we had a group that was ignoring published research which linked (though not conclusively) breast cancer with abortion by funding Planned Parenthood.  In doing so, of course, they were providing a semi-plausible excuse for the claim that Planned Parenthood isn't just about abortions.  That alone should give any pro-life person pause.

Now, that group not only is ignoring this research, but they're also apparently under the impression that if a group kills babies in the womb, that aiding and abetting child molestation and child prostitution becomes a political, not a criminal, issue.

I'm against breast cancer (and cancer in general) as much as anyone, but I dare suggest that with logic like this--and by not seeing the trap that they were falling into--they might not have the intellectual horsepower to do much to reduce this terrible disease.  Those who care about this disease would do well to invest their funds elsewhere, no matter what their stance on abortion.


Gino said...

i'm left with the understanding that komen changed there policy specifically to find a way out of their association with PP due to pressure from prolife groups.

whatever it was, its komen's cash and PP won the fight to grab a share of it.

and Komen is tarnished and will saty that way for a long time. a lot of casual prolifers didnt know komen was hooked with PP. now they do.

Bike Bubba said...

They've been tarnished for a while with this, as it provides Planned Infanticide with cover for the fact that they're primarily a string of abortuaries. Nothing new.