Sunday, February 26, 2012

Another risk of global warming

Apparently, if global warming continues, horses will shrink to the size of Robert Reich or something like that.  Because, as everyone knows, large mammals--like rhinos, elephants, hippos, tapirs, zebras, cattle, water buffaloes, and such--cannot survive in a warm climate.  And it's absolutely not like draft horses were developed during the medieval climate optimum or anything like that.  And by no means should we listen to paleontologists who note that dinosaurs are unlikely to have survived ice ages.

One would think that climatologists and hangers-on would check their hypotheses against well known data points, but apparently that's asking a bit much of them.

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pentamom said...

Post hocks ergo propter hocks?

Even if they really could have accurate data on what horses did "85 millions years ago," how could they possibly pinpoint one causation when there are a million environmental factors that they don't, and will never, have access to?