Monday, July 11, 2011

This is why grammar, logic, and rhetoric are important

Apparently some on the left side of the aisle are using a clause of the 14th Amendment to argue that the President has the arbitrary right to increase the national debt beyond the official debt limit.  Now, beyond the reality that it's Congress that has the right to initiate government spending and not the President (that's in Article 1 of the Constitution), there is also the reality that the debt must be "authorized by law," and of course that means that, again, Congress must give its approval.

So if you wonder why the government schools (and too many private and parochial schools) treat grammar as a punishment and logic as entirely optional, this might be the reason.  Here, and in too many other places, the prerogatives of the ruling class depend on the rest of us not figuring out the game they're playing, and that requires us to not chant "bovine scat" at pronouncements like the first link.

Speaking of which, "bovine scat," liberals.  Authority to contract debt is vested, per Article 1, in Congress, and don't think we've forgotten this.

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