Friday, July 01, 2011

Hilarity by the NCAA

College sports fans all over the nation are well aware of the NCAA's crusade jihad effort to remove "native american" names from the membership of the NCAA, under the idea that somehow using the name of a tribe is inherently degrading to native americans.

Now, leaving aside for a moment that the NCAA will accept the "Seminoles," but not the virtually identically portrayed "Illini" or "Fighting Sioux", and leaving aside for a moment that using a name for your sports team is generally intended as a measure of respect to convey the idea of being manly and a worthy opponent, and leaving aside for a moment the question of whether other ethnic names like "Fighting Irish" or "Spartans" or "Banana Slugs" are obnoxious, consider where the NCAA is meeting North Dakota elected officials to discuss the fate of the Fighting Sioux moniker:

Indianapolis, a city of course named after Native Americans, and, AHEM, the headquarters of the NCAA.   You'll need a sharp knife to cut through that hypocrisy.

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