Monday, February 14, 2011

Separated at birth?

I haven't found the picture of today's most notorious pop rodent  ("Bieber" is "beaver" in German) with a North Vietnamese surface to air missile battery.  Yet.  However, we can never underestimate the harm that can result when one listens to pop rodents or gets smitten with 1960s movie starlets.  Hanoi Justin it is.

H/T Dan Phillips of Biblical Christianity


Terry @ Breathing Grace said...

Funny. They do look alike.

I really dislike that haircut on young men and I saw it everywhere at my daughter's music competition last weekend. I think it looks girly, but maybe I'm just old-fashioned.

I remember when I thought 39 was old. Now I think I must have been mad to think it.

Surely I'm not an old fuddy duddy?

Bike Bubba said...

You're a whippersnapper, because I'm almost "thirty-twelve" years old--39 is way young. I'm the old fuddy duddy!

(my dear sweet wife is also, being a bit younger than me, a whippersnapper)

The thing that creeps me out about Mr. Rodent/Hanoi Justin is the same thing that creeps me out about just about every child prodigy/teen idol (including Mozart); you just have to assume that the cult of personality developing around the young man is going to turn him into something deeply creepy, like Mrs. Kevin Federline or Mrs. Russell Brand.