Friday, February 11, 2011

Missing the point......

I saw a Prius outside the grocery store last night, idling to keep the occupant warm while another went in to do some shopping.  In comparison, my 22mpg minivan was pretty efficient, 'cause at least the minivan's owner had the good sense to turn it off while he was shopping.

As my brother says, "environmentalist" all too often means "person who can not do math."  Or logic, apparently. 


Pilgrim said...

Last night a friend, who also happens to own a hybrid, offered me some potato chips that had 30% less fat than regular chips.

He said, "So, you can eat 30% more!"

Bike Bubba said...

....forgetting about the reality of "carbohydrates," "salt," and "protein," I see.

OK, so they fail math, logic, science, and human nutrition, too. Ouch.