Thursday, November 04, 2010

What the GOP should do

For many reasons, even a GOP majority is going to have some difficulties getting things past Mr. Obama's veto.  So what can they do to look VERY good to the electorate come 2012?  To differentiate themselves from Nancy Pelosi's rule:

1.  Eliminate voice votes.  Voters deserve to know how their representatives voted.
2.  Eliminate games to get a majority like the "deemed passed" method Pelosi tried to use for Obamacare.
3.  No more earmarks, period.
4.  Revive the ethics committee--starting with why Barney Frank did not recuse himself regarding Fannie Mae while he was dating one of their executives.
5.  Make John Boehner's plane quite a bit smaller than Nancy Pelosi's.  Use it less often.
6.  Eliminate funding for a few insignificant programs (PBS, NEA, NEH), pointing out that in a time of economic crisis, this is a luxury we cannot afford.
7.  Eliminate pork barrel spending, noting it's a "luxury we cannot afford," and also noting that pork barrel spending makes us all poorer.
8.  Choose ten of the most obnoxious parts of the healthcare bill (say the tax on sales of gold), and basically dare the Democrats to oppose their repeal.  Not the big things yet, just the small things.
9.  Rein in the DC party circuit and start work at 8am, like the rest of the country.
10.  Pass a pay cut for Congress, arguing that if the rest of the nation is poorer, Congress should be, too.
11.  Dare the Democrats to stand against any of this and watch the fur fly.

In other words, play by the Marquess of Queensbury rules, softening up the opponent with well-placed, honest jabs to the midsection before swinging for the solar plexus.


Mark said...

And don't pay attention to Mitch "We can't get rid of Earmarks" McConnell!

Bike Bubba said...

Good to hear from you, Mark! Is all well?