Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Now it's a real Depression

Cost Plus World Market, my favorite choice for nice chocolates in this area, is closing its Twin Cities stores. How bad is it for them? They were playing classic country on the radio when I came instead of vapid "world" elevator music. It was a great improvement--now if only they would have dropped the cost of the chocolates by 60% instead of just 15%, it would have been really good....come on deflation!

And so I got this song stuck in my head for about the next day. But on the bright side, George Jones points out something that's really decent theology; that a man stops loving his wife only when they put his nicest suit on him and lay him in a box, no matter what happens when he's alive. (and arguably he keeps on loving her even then, at least if he's not subject to excessive heat in the afterlife)

Another good thing is happening due to the Pelosi/Reid/Obama Depression; Quizno's in Waconia closed, and has been replaced by a Vienna Beef store. Yay!

There's incentive to get my resume out there and get a new job. :^)


pentamom said...

What's wrong with Quiznos? They're the only sub shop I know of that serves stuff that tastes like food.

Gino said...

did i hear Cost Plus was going under anyway?

MainiacJoe said...

I've always felt like Quiznos tries too hard to be gourmet. I much prefer Subway--I think it tastes better and you know you aren't overpaying.

pentamom said...

I like Subway (and most other sandwich places) well enough, but if you compare their ingredients, there's more "junk" in the meat they put in, whereas Quiznos uses pretty much solid, unadulterated pieces of meat. That improves the nutrition and flavor, but does come at a price.

Bike Bubba said...

Didn't know that, Gino. And I don't dislike Quizno's; I just like Vienna Beef dogs more from time to time. It's a disability linked to growing up near Chicago, I'm afraid.

Agreed that Subway vs. Quizno's is pretty much "cost vs. real food."

Gino said...

i grew up on deli cuts,and the gourmet ones. not the cheap stuff.

subway uses a very low quality deli meat. i like subway only for the bread. they got the perfect bread. but those meats are sparse, and low end to boot.

quiznos tops them on all fronts cept the price.