Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The significance of the hireling in economics

Take a look at John 10: 7-18 to get a view of the significance of the term "hireling" in regards to the differences between a corporatist mindset and true entrepreneurial capitalism. It is doubtless true that the central message of this passage is Christ's love for His sheep, but we can nonetheless note that Christ here points out a central difference between the hired man and the owner of the sheep.

And here's an interesting note about the Cal university system refusing to accept high school transcripts if Scripture appears in textbooks. Good luck teaching civics or history with that approach, or for that matter, accurately presenting the life of Isaac Newton.


Marklark said...

PBS told me last night that Newton was an alchemist and a Unitarian!

Bike Bubba said...

There is evidence for both, actually. However, it's not that relevant of a point, as the Reformation was still young, and chemistry was only then being formulated as a modern science by Boyle. In a manner of speaking, Newton was not behind the times in his inquiry.

Now there's the question for PBS; did they remind the viewer that expecting Newton to practice modern chemistry in his lifetime was about as logical as asking him to practice quantum physics?

Marklark said...

I rather doubt that they did, though I must confess that I was putting the chillern to bed whilst listening for the bits with which PBS had teased the program.