Monday, November 06, 2006

Good Bacon

On a politics' day eve, one might expect bloggers like me to post something about politics. No such luck here; I'm going to comment about something far more important; bacon!

Interestingly, "bacon" does not appear as a topic in my 1979 Encyclopaedia Brittanica. I guess it shows how much Mortimer Adler really knew, huh?

But down to business. Far too many people think that the water-cured stuff you get in the supermarket is real bacon--as it clogs your skillets with the remains of the sugar they pour in there to increase the weight, and the water remaining completely messes up the anti-stick properties of your 1945 Griswold.

No, real bacon is smoked in a smokehouse, and actually has very little water in it. It leaves very little residue in your skillet, and doesn't crinkle up, either. Oh, and the taste--did I mention that most makers of supermarket bacon don't actually smoke it, but use liquid smoke?

So get yourself down to the local butcher shop and get some of the real stuff. Your taste buds and your skillets will thank you....not to mention your wallet. Although the real stuff costs more ($4-5/lb instead of $2.50-$4/lb), you actually get more pure bacon goodness (little water remains) with the real item.

Try it with some Kaiserschmarrn or waffles.

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Anonymous said...

Or just eat it all by itself! Bacon is so good.