Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekend update

Had a wonderful anniverary weekend with my wife, but apparently the walk to the Hubble House reminded her of the "little stretch of the legs" (it starts at about 1:50) scene from John Wayne's The Quiet Man.  Thankfully for my brother-in-law, he isn't holding on to my wife's dowry, or if he is, good for him that he's on the other side of Lake Michigan from us.  :^)

New tires, new brake and derailleur cables, new handlebar tape, and a heaping helping of elbow grease (along with a blister or two) got a young'un from our church's youth group on a "brand new to him" Schwinn Varsity.  You might look down your nose on it, but his previous bike was a Wal-Mart bike with nonfunctioning brakes.  It's the third bike I've been able to bring back from the dump for these kids.

Speaking of which, pray for teens all over.  I'm of the opinion that views like this one expressed by dear sister Elspeth have more truth in them than I'd like; many churches have substituted ministry for souls, and it's brutally apparent in some of the kids I'm privileged to try to serve and love.

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