Monday, September 26, 2022

And in related news....

Vladimir Putinozhka has granted full Russian citizenship to Ed Snowden, and rumor has it that that to prevent Snowden from repeating his stunts and victimizing his new country, he's just been drafted and is on his way to fight in Ukraine.

Recycling an idiotic idea

Author Sophie Lewis is arguing that the family ought to be abolished because it's somehow a terrible way to enshrine love and care.  Lost in the equation is the question "Didn't we try this before in the Soviet Union?", and the answer to that is "Yes, and it led to widespread poverty, economic and moral stagnation, and the world's highest abortion rate to this day."

Apparently being a "feminist" means that you don't need to learn lessons from when your ideas are actually put into practice, under the notion that "well we must not have had the right people running things."  It's pretty amazing, given all the state run childcares in the old Soviet Union, China, and the rest of the Warsaw Pact, as well as many of those in the U.S. run along the same lines, that they've never, ever found the right people to run things.

So I guess the family is indeed the worst way to assure love and care, well, at least except for all the others.

Sunday, September 25, 2022

Not from the Babylon Bee

I had the thought that, with Putinozhka's draft, some enterprising young man in Russia ought to translate part of Alice's Restaurant into Russian and see if some young men would walk into the  recruiting officer's office and sing a bar of Alice's Restaurant, then walk out.  As Arlo noted, if one person does it, they might think he's really sick sane, and they won't take him.  If two people do it, in harmony......

Putinozhka delenda est!

Thursday, September 22, 2022

A plea for Logic 101... be taught at the Air Force Academy.  How so?  Well, a new big of guidance tells cadets to avoid "gendered" language, even to the point of referring to "Mom" and "Dad".   Apparently someone desperately needs to tell administrators that referring to group A does not necessarily disparage group B, though if group B, the alphabet community, truly believes that referring to mothers and fathers as a biological reality disparages them, perhaps they need to be acquainted with some real disparagement.  It reminds me of the assurances we had with the decision that mandated same sex mirage that it would not impinge on the rights of the majority.  I dare say that perhaps we need to revisit that decision, because that obviously was not true, and advocates knew it at the time.

Along the same lines, the Michigan Department of Education is encouraging school employees to enable students to start transitioning without their parents consent or even notification.  Suffice it to say that this is first of all a great reason to choose private or home education, and secondarily, it ought to be noted that participants in the maiming of young people ought to fear "acute lead poisoning" at the hands of the parents.  

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Now that's a neat trick

Looks like we might be seeing, thank God, the twilight of Soviet armaments, as one response to Putinnozhka's call-up of  reservists is met with "that's weapons they don't have."  So if NATO chief Stoltenberg is correct, that means that the country that flooded the entire developing world with AK-47s and RPG-7s is suddenly unable to provide the same to new conscripts.

The Ukrainian defence ministry notes that the last mobilization for Russia was in August 1914, and somehow a nation that today cannot provide rifles, uniforms, and body armor for its soldiers seems analogous to the last mobilization of the Tsars.  Again, hopefully someone gets to Putin before hundreds of thousands of Russians (and Ukrainians) are needlessly dead.

Putinnozhka delenda est.

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Time for a hamburger or some BBQ

An executive for "Beyond Meat" was arrested after an Arkansas football game for biting another man's nose.  Now I want to be as nice as I can to vegetarians, but perhaps this is simply a sign that they really need a bit of real food to eat.  Get a burger, friend, and maybe some of this will be better.

Wednesday, September 07, 2022

More bad signs for Russia

They're apparently buying weapons from North Korea, where....let's just say quality is not the biggest deal.   

Worse yet, it's about 150,000 or so tons of material, meaning about 1500 train cars, so if Ukrainian partisans just might to have some operatives along the railroads of Russia, the opportunity for mayhem could be huge.  All you need to do is track cargo ships leaving North Korea for Vladivostok or St. Petersburg, then figure out what railroads are going to be used to get the weapons to Ukraine.  There aren't a whole lot of them going west from Vladivostok, or south towards Ukraine.

And if you could, say, get a nice incendiary round hitting one of the carriages right, difficulty getting ammunition to their army in Ukraine could be the least of Russia's problems.

Tuesday, September 06, 2022

An inadvertent confession

I've been noting for years that outside of major cities, abortion cannot pay the bills for those operating the clinics, because at ~$500 per abortion and ~500 abortions per abortionist, the revenue cannot possibly pay the bills for a whole clinic.  Enter the state of New Mexico, which is spending ten million dollars to create an abortion clinic in Dona Ana County, about 50 miles from El Paso.

Now I had previously noted that with the then-prevailing wage for obstetricians being about a quarter million dollars annually plus benefits (probably 30% higher today), you can really only justify an "abortion only" clinic when you get to cities of a million or more--assuming that abortion clinics are really pretty "lean" in their operation (not much for buildings or auxiliary staff) and the "doctor" gets a large share of the revenue.

However, with the Governor of New Mexico admitting that building the building and setting it up is going to require about ten times more money than I'd counted on, but the nearby city--El Paso--is really only about 900,000 people.  So Governor Grisham has informed the nation, inadvertently, that the economics of abortion are far, far worse than I would have guessed.  Thank you, Governor.

That which is unsaid

The USDA is apparently encouraging farmers to plant multiple crops to help deal with supply shortages created by the war in Ukraine, but a couple of options don't seem to be on the table; stop subsidizing grain and stop burning it in our fuel tanks.  

If grain were not subsidized, the price of corn would rise, and that would be a far bigger impact for those eating meat and dairy--and all of a sudden, more grain, legumes, and oilseeds would be available for humans to eat.

Leave it to the USDA to skip the obvious and insist on something that could have some pretty big environmental, fuel usage, and capital issues.

Thursday, September 01, 2022

And the veil lifts

As I review comments from Russian politicians about the passing of former leader Mikhail Gorbachev, the consistent theme I see is that Gorbachev's role in the end of the Soviet Union is lamented.  This strikes me as strange, because anyone old enough to remember the old Soviet system ought to remember the pervasive surveillance, bread lines, shoddy and nonexistent consumer products, and the like.  

So what's going on?  Well, as far as I can tell, this is another admission by the Russian ruling classes that the KGB didn't go away at the end of the Cold War, and its heir, the FSB (or perhaps a shadow organization in parallel with the FSB) is actually calling the shots, as is evidenced by the Russian Army flying the old Soviet flag in its war in Ukraine, their raising of statues of Lenin there, and most recently as evidenced by the head of Lukoil, a Putin critic, falling to his death out from a sixth story hospital window.

Unless you believe that extremely sick elderly men tend to do this, your best assumption is that, yes, Putin ordered him to be defenestrated.  I grew up in the 1970s and 1980s, and yes, I've seen this before.  Pray that Russia loses here, because if they don't, it'll be extremely bad news for freedom in the world.

Putin delenda est!

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Some seriously good news for a change

Dr. Michelle Hauser, a Stanford University physician who trained first as a cook and worked at Berkeley's famous "Chez Panisse" restaurant,  is spearheading efforts to help use cuisine as a bulwark against heart disease.  Now since a lot of fine cuisine is, a la Julia Child, a lot of foie gras, butter, and eggs, it's somewhat counter-intuitive that fine cuisine would help with heart disease and the like, but what I've found as an avid amateur cook is that when I cook from Child's cookbooks, I lose weight.

How so?  Well, one explanation comes from the "Journal of the American Dietetic Association" magazines I'd peek at as a teenager back in the 1980s (my mother was a dietician and ADA , now AND, member), and one of the theories for weight loss back in the day was that a lot of overeaters were seeking not a certain amount of food, but a certain amount of taste.  And so the herbs, spices, vegetables, wine, and yes, butter and eggs have a big place in giving eaters that satisfaction, helping with obesity and, transitively, heart disease.

Heart disease?  Yes.  Beyond the reality of obesity's link, there's a fact that my mom taught me as a child; you don't need to worry about getting cholesterol in your diet, because your body will make it for you.  In the same way, your body also makes a fair amount of fat from excess carbohydrates in your diet.  

And so we would infer that to some degree, it matters less what kinds of fats and cholesterol you get in your diet, and more whether your diet is pushing your own body to fill your own arteries.  

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Reading, writing, and....what??????

Apparently a book containing graphic depictions of oral sex, sex toys, and the like is seen as having "Literary value" and is "aligned with Common Core Standards."   I guess my generation owes Larry Flynt a big apology for not getting every school library a subscription to his magazines.

Or not.  I'm reminded of a friend I used to work with who commented that his church's youth group generally couldn't read well or do mathematics, but they knew that abortion was a right and that they might be gay.  Priorities, I guess, not including actual "education".

Along the same lines, our next door neighbor boy (7 years old) walked in while Mrs. Bubba was running through some things by Bach and just loved it.  There is hope if we don't forget where we've been.

Monday, August 22, 2022

Get your TP ready!

Regular readers of this site will know well that this author is a huge fan of the British royal family, writing consistently about their lives and adventures, and hence it is of great interest that  the crown prince and his family are moving to Adalaide Cottage, a more humble abode with not as many gilded dolphins on ceiling of the master bedrooms as usual.   What humility, as I realize the huge number (a perfectly round number) of gilded dolphins on the ceiling of the bedroom Mrs. Bubba and I share.  It makes me want to welcome them to their new neighborhood by an old fashioned TP party.

OK, yes, I'm guessing one would not be allowed to show such traditional hospitality to them, and more's the pity.

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Dream until your dreams come true

The song by Aerosmith comes to mind as I consider Janet Yellen's dictate that the IRS will come up with a modernization plan within six months, as if the same agency hasn't had several abortive attempts at the same in the past few decades.  

You would figure an old DC hand would know better than to suggest this is possible, but apparently not.  And yes, if you're curious, the big boost in IRS funding terrifies me, too.  It's clearly intended for the middle class, with a hefty helping of "we're coming after conservatives" as well.  Remember, the decision with Lois Lerner ended up with the conclusion that the IRS's criminal activities were "mismanagement", but there were no management changes made.  So they're primed and ready for a repeat.

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Looks appropriate to me

Well, with most long range artillery targeting civilian targets, and most Russian air attacks also attacking the same, and with the whole war predicated on the nonsense idea that a nation with a Jewish President somehow needed to be "de-Nazified", I've known since March that pretty much every commissioned officer in the Russian Army, Air Force, and Navy, along with their diplomatic service, belongs in jail.

So if all the higher-ups belong in jail, I guess it was only a matter of time before the privates, corporals, and sergeants were the same, and Russia has delivered by opening up enlistment in their army to convicted criminals.  My guess is that they'll be driving T-34s and will be issued Mosin-Nagants.  It's still to be determined whether they'll be given rations or ammunition.

Seriously, what it means it that public support for the war is paper thin, available soldiers are rapidly assuming wheat field temperature (over 42000 by Ukraine's estimate), and Moscow is pulling out all the stops to get willing soldiers cannon fodder to keep the war effort going.  At the same time, Ukraine is sending volunteers to be trained by NATO soldiers in Poland, Denmark, and the United Kingdom.  It does not bode well for Russia's war effort, especially given the generally horrendous performance of conscripts and criminals in battle.  Conscript batallions will form weak points that the Ukrainians will destroy, using the space they filled to pull a Hindenburg envelopment a la Tannenberg.

I know Russian jails are awful, but if I were a Russian criminal, I might just stay where I was.  Also: if I were a Russian citizen who knew that thousands of dangerous criminals might soon be on the streets because they'd survived half a year in Ukraine, I would consider emigration.  This is bad news on all fronts.