Friday, July 26, 2013

News you can use

Apparently, there are a number of hot sauces, especially from Mexico, which have levels of lead that exceed allowable limits.   Unfortunately, the article does not make clear why that might be--from the soil, from handling, whatever.  However, the article makes up for that with the hilarious comment that parents might want to be cautious when giving hot sauce products to their children.

Well, yes.  And for the parents who can't clue in on another possible reason that their children might not want to eat a lot of hot sauce, here's a safe product from the fine folks at Gerber.

The first time I found this, I put a copy on a colleague's door, knowing that his wife made award-winning salsa.  He tracked me down and let me know his wife also did daycare.

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Gino said...

there was huge expose in the Orange County Register 10 yrs ago or more about the lead in mexican chilis finding its way into most mexican candies exported for sale in the USA for the expat market.
several kids were damaged s a result of these candies.

as it turned out, the lead got into the chilis from the polluted soil, handling, and post harvest contaminants (like car battery parts finding their way into the bags of harvested chilis, which are bought/sold by weight), and total lack of quality oversight.
oh, and lead tainted packaging as well.

i know mexicans who will not buy any mexican food products under any circumstances due to safety concerns.