Wednesday, July 03, 2013

College sports completely out of control?

News reports indicate that Aaron Hernandez, indicted for multiple murders in Boston, was also involved in an altercation in spring 2007 involving a fight at a bar--where interestingly Tim Tebow did his best to de-escalate the situation.  (and why was he in a bar at 1am?)

Now given that this was in April, when he was not yet a student, this more or less means he wasn't able to visit campus without committing at least two crimes--underage consumption of alcohol and assault, the latter being a felony.  If we want a picture of what's wrong with college football, it's a system where coaches look past clear crimes because they think a player can make All-American.  Urban Meyer was right on that score, but protecting Hernandez from the law in 2007 may just have cost several people their lives. 

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