Tuesday, July 02, 2013

This is called "corruption"

Apparently, the state of California is spending millions to indoctrinate teens to promote Obamacare while the White House is pressuring the NFL to do the same.   With all due respect, I've always felt that using government resources to justify a particular policy is called "corruption", and I'm pretty sure that neither the NFL players' union or the librarians' union would take it kindly if they were told they were going to give up their gold-plated benefits packages to get insurance via an Obamacare exchange.

And, quite frankly, I'll only believe they're in favor of the Health Insurance Deform Act if they do.

In other HIDA news, pharmacies are predictably running out birth control pills as individuals are no longer seeing the cost.  Not that the law of supply and demand matters any more to Obama than any other law, of course.

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