Thursday, October 24, 2013

Questions on the HIDA (a.k.a. "Obamacare") disaster

It's very interesting to read through summaries of the disasters that have been plaguing the Health Insurance Deform Act (HIDA, aka "Affordable Care Act" or "Obamacare").  Apparently, they've inverted the usual structure of a business website, bloated the number of lines of code to 500million (six times that of Windows 8 and ten or more times that of a typical e commerce site), and ignored basics like FMEAs, alpha and beta testing, and the like.

In other words, anyone who has worked on it in any position of authority--director or higher--ought to be fired for cause because they didn't sound the alarm that basics were being ignored.  For that matter, insurance companies have evidently been sounding the alarm for months about the deficiencies of Mr. Soetoro's system.

Which makes it very perplexing that the same insurance companies have, when asked, agreed to help sort out the deficiencies of this system.   With the magnitude of the problems, a quick fix is almost certainly impossible, which means that what's going on is that Obama is setting up the insurance companies for the blame for the failure of his administration.   The only reason for going along with this charade would be that Mr. Obama has something in his power that can destroy the insurance companies--the most benign possibility being that if the HIDA system doesn't work, the insurance companies cannot get subscribers.

I'd argue that this, along with IRS surveillance of Tea Party groups, the Benghazi cover-up, and the abuse of the NSA, really demonstrates the necessity for a number of special prosecutors with authority to demand unredacted documents, and authority to imprison those who do not comply.  We have a criminal in the White House whose activities seem to make those of Richard Nixon pale in comparison.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A bit of hilarity

I just received a call warning me that my vehicle just went out of warranty, and that I'd do well to "get it back in warranty".  OK, fine, but my vehicles are a 2000 Chevy Venture with 259,000 miles  on it and a 1997 GMC Sierra with 151,000 miles on it.  I'm pretty sure neither has had any warranty--not even rust-through--for at least seven years. 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A peeve of mine

....the September jobs report came out today, and despite the fact that the # of jobs created is about 50,000 short of the 190,000 needed each month to keep up with population growth, the media were noting that it was "enough to reduce the unemployment rate to 7.2%."

Um, no.  What happened to reduce the unemployment rate by 0.1%--which would be (assuming a work force of 150 million adults) 200,000 more jobs than were actually created?

Simple; 200,000 people either did not find their first job, or gave up looking for work.  There's your Obama "recovery" in action.