Thursday, September 11, 2008

Campaigning for a Darwin Award

Evidently, two young men from Texas, upset that police had confiscated their homemade riot gear while they were on their way to try a "heckler's veto" at the GOP Convention, decided that the best way to "get back" would be to make and use some Molotov cocktails.

Now thankfully, they're apparently not skilled at making explosives, and hence they just got their materials at the drug store--flammable, but you're not going to make a bomb that way. However, given that the police don't know this when you're throwing it, I dare suggest that these guys are very lucky that they've earned prosecution and not a Darwin Award. (never mind the fact that transporting such a device puts the bearer at risk whenever anyone lights up a cigarette)

Take a look at the reaction of the defense lawyer and one of their fathers as well--evidently they're at risk for psychosis sometime soon--arguing that these punks are, despite deploying weapons that can result in severe burns or worse--not violent people. It is as if some of these guys are trying to prove that those in the radical left are not always sentient beings.

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