Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Keep Pedaling!

Thanks to Pentamom's husband (Pentadad?), Mitch, a host of others, and myself reducing oil consumption by riding their bikes to work (OK, and other factors, too), market prices for crude oil are getting below $110.

You know, I bet if some more of you out there join us, we might be able to nudge it below $100. As if they were reading my mind, my favorite bike store is now having their year end clearance sale. Fork over some of that money you were planning to spend on Lipitor, Avapro, and other drugs to deal with heart disease, and get started curing your ticker on a sweet new ride.

Added benefits include sending less money to Hugo Chavez and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, losing that paunch and being able to fit in your old clothes, less wear and tear on your car and on the roads, less congestion, less pollution, and finally peace and quiet to think or pray on your way to work or play.

Oh, one more thing; a wonderful, big appetite from all that exercise will help you appreciate great food even more.


pentamom said...

Sadly, the pentadad only gets to do it in school vacation, as he needs to be taxi driver the rest of the year.

He'll be glad to know he did his part, though. ;-) Me, I never go any distance alone and never did figure out how to work those gears. I can barely stay upright.

pentamom said...

I should say, "alone or without lots of groceries."

Bike Bubba said...

:^) I've gotta admit that, due to this "winter" thing we have here, my biking season isn't that much longer than his.

Gabrielle Eden said...

I was going to ask - are you going to bike in winter? I just realized that your name may be explained now - "bike" bubba!

Bike Bubba said...

I've ridden at temperatures as low as 5F. The major factors that put me in my truck instead of on my Schwinn or Trek are darkness and ice, not temperature per se.

And yup, bingo. Maybe I'll post the whole story sometime.