Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A happy day

Upon riding in to work this morning, the balance of "money saved by riding my bike" finally exceeded the "cost of maintaining the family's bikes." While I'm not exactly at the point of going for my eighth Tour de France win, I'm kinda proud of this.

So yes, "Bike" Bubba refers to the fact that I like to ride quite a bit. The Bubba? Longer story.

About a decade ago, my boss got word that someone in Boulder (where else?) thought he was god, and called himself "Cy Baba." Being the sensitive new age guys we were, all the guys in the group took a name involving "Baba." The boss was "Cy Baba," another guy (who knew Hindi) was "Ik Baba," another was "Do Baba," and the guy who rode his bike to work became "Bike Baba."

Of course, being the SNAGs we were, we couldn't let the mockery stop with just that, and hence "Baba" was "Southernized" (improved IMO) to Bubba. It got worse; when the company was bought out by a Japanese company, everyone became "Bubba-san." So if you meet someone who greets another person with "Konichi-wa, Bubba-san," chances are he might have worked with me.

Don't hold it against him. :^)


Jim Peet said...


An explanation of your "nom de plume"

TK said...

finally? I heard that story months ago! ;)

I had no idea you were also an MOB'er. Did you know I was one? Minnesota has a good presence on Veith's blog. It's love it when two online worlds suddenly intersect.

Bike Bubba said...

Yeah, but the first edition didn't say what sensitive new age guys my working group was. Admit it, the story is as fresh as ever.

(what's that again about old fish wrappers....?)


And ya, dere's a lot of Minnesotans on Veith's site....and not all of dem Lutern! Welcome here!

pentamom said...

That is a GREAT story. It's so typical of so many things, but so funny also.