Friday, January 19, 2018

If only it were just California

California AG (and their legislature and governor, arguably) present a dilemma to businesses there; comply with federal law, or with state law, by criminalizing cooperation with ICE.  I would dare suggest, given the supremacy clause in the Constitution and the legality of federal immigration law, that we might do well to throw Becerra, Governor Brown, and the entire legislature into jail (at least those who voted for these laws) into jail for obstruction of justice.

Whatever one thinks of immigration law, I dare say this is not the way to go about change!

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Hearth said...

They've announced that ICE will be doing some major raids in NorCal in the near future. And Sessions has announced that marijuana is actually still illegal federally (shocking, I know). So, California's rebellion is about to get interesting.

Will it get interesting to the point of the secession nonsense that has been so popular in Silicon valley? Doubtful.

-pops a bowl of imaginary popcorn-