Friday, June 16, 2017

On the tragedy in England

There will of course be plenty of blame to go around for the fire which has taken at least 17 30 (sigh)lives in a high rise apartment building in London, but it strikes me that there is a more basic problem.  High rise buildings simply do not make sense except as a statement of vanity.  

To draw a picture, in London, you've got a population of about eight million in 1600 square kilometers--about 2000 square feet per person.  Build four stories tall and have 90% of the land not covered by a building, and you've got 800 square feet per person--my share of both my home and office space.  You would also have more green space than does a typical neighborhood in small town Minnesota.

In other words, while I think the private sector should be allowed to build that high if they like, there's simply no need for a building so tall that the fire department can't readily help.  Central planners need to clue in to the fact that skyscrapers are monuments to vanity, not common sense.

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