Friday, November 11, 2016

OK, queue up the special prosecutor.... it appears that our nation's greatest carpetbaggers, the Clintons, are aiming to put their daughter in Congress.   It appears that only a prosecution or two is going to shut down the Clinton Foundation for good.

Should have seen it coming as Marc Mezvinsky's hedge fund collapsed in a response to an idiotic bet on the Germans bailing out Greece--OK, Barack presumably didn't deliver the favor he must have been promised--but suffice it to say that campaigning for Congress in 2018 seems like a likely outcome for Mrs. Mezvinsky if her mother and father aren't in jail.  So sad to say, a special prosecutor is needed to sort out the whole mess, followed by a massive cut in government spending and regulation that would reduce the opportunity for this kind of graft.

(to be fair, the prospect of Chelsea in Congress in 2019 doesn't fully resurrect Clinton fortunes, but I can't completely see this as "just" Chelsea wanting to "serve the public"...even her wedding was paid for by "speaking fees" and "contributions" that seemed to come real close to favorable regulatory actions) 

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