Monday, August 01, 2016

With grudging respect?

According to David Kupelian, one of the strategies currently being used by President Obama to keep things going his way for the forseeable future is to make sure that, whatever law and code actually say, senior managers in many departments of the federal government will continue to follow in his modus operandi. 

Now with due respect to WND, this is of course unproven, but having watched the immigration debate since the days of Reagan, I have to wonder whether Obama's goal was actually achieved during the Carter or Ford administrations, if not earlier.  Or do we need to wonder how much further this will go?  I'm not sure.  But if there is something to this, for all my disagreement with President Obama, a grudging hat tip to him for realizing how these things really work.  As we say in quality engineering, corporate culture eats company initiatives for lunch.

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